Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

To launch a nationwide media outreach campaign to promote the completion of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge (officially known as the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge) and highlight T.Y. Lin International’s role as the lead bridge designer.(…)

USS Hornet Recovery

As part of De Alba Communications’ ongoing PR strategy, we designed a national outreach campaign to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and mankind’s first steps on the Moon; and to highlight the pivotal role in the mission played by the aircraft carrier, USS Hornet.

Commercial Revitalization

The Fruitvale Village was designed to revitalize northern California’s Fruitvale District as a whole neighborhood, empowering and expanding the business sector while creating jobs for local residents. De Alba Communications launched The Unity Council’s and the Fruitvale (…)

Multicultural Homeownership

The Strategic Markets Program operates in conjunction with The First American Corporation’s broader Strategic Markets Program, a corporate-wide commitment launched in 2003 to increase homeownership opportunity for a larger portion of the population, including segments who have traditionally been under-served by the financial services and housing(…)

Strategic Communications

Yunwen Tu (Tutu) is a Food Designer in San Francisco whose passion is educating the public about experiential food design. In anticipation of the effects of climate change and explosive population growth, she envisions what new forms food might take and then creates interactive educational exhibits about food sustainability. Tutu regularly collaborates with museums, restaurants, food businesses, and academic researchers, with her exhibits shown in the Bay Area and across Europe.(…)

Outreach & Diversity

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA) Vision Zero’s Safe Speeds San Francisco Campaign was developed to combat speeding and save lives, calling for the elimination of all traffic deaths by 2024. To maximize campaign exposure in ethnic/diverse communities, De Alba Communications performed proactive media outreach and intensive phone follow-ups to local Chinese and Spanish media outlets.(…)