Commercial Revitalization

Commercial Revitalization

Project: The Fruitvale Revitilization Project: “Realizing the Dream – Realizando el Sueño”

Client: The Unity Council/The Fruitvale Development Corporation, Oakland, CA

Challenges Defined:

The Fruitvale Village was designed to revitalize northern California’s Fruitvale District as a whole neighborhood, empowering and expanding the business sector while creating jobs for local residents. De Alba Communications launched The Unity Council’s and the Fruitvale Development Corporation’s “Realizing the Dream – Realizando el Sueño” gala debut, which heralded the opening of the $100 million Fruitvale Village mixed-use development project in Oakland, comprised of retail shops, housing, a health care clinic, public library, child development center, as well as a variety of community services.

Results Delivered:

De Alba Communications developed a strategic public relations and media campaign, including a highly successful press tour with the Unity Council’s CEO and chairman of the board, positioning the project as a national model for inner city redevelopment. The Fruitvale Village project has evolved, garnering accolades from the U.S. Department of Transportation and other federal and state agencies. visit Fruitvale Village Project website.