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Victoria Sanchez De Alba has been instrumental to the success and impact of the Latino Community Foundation. She has been a thought partner, creative public relations consultant, advocate, and friend. Together with her relentless pursuit to lift up the voices of our Latino leaders, activists, families, and influencers, the Latino Community Foundation has shaped a powerful, authentic, and accurate narrative of who we are and the contributions we have made to California and the nation. She understands Latinos are a force and she is fiercely committed to our mission to unleash their civic power.

Jacqueline Martinez Garcel

CEO, Latino Community Foundation

Our goal was to raise the profile and educate the market on the great work SquadCast.fm does. The De Alba Communications team blew us away with their approach, dedication and most of all, results. The quality of these results were exactly the outcome we were hoping for. We have found the De Alba Communications team to be professional, talented and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them to any business thinking about PR.

Rockwell Felder and Zachariah Moreno

Co-founder, SquadCast.fm

Victoria is not merely a strong PR professional. She is also an ambassador for her clients and the causes they champion. Her willingness to go above and beyond her role is commendable. She is always thinking ahead, never relents, and finds creative ways to ensure the message is heard to all audiences far and wide. I highly recommend Victoria for her work ethic, proven results, and her fierce passion for making a difference in our world.

Christian Arana

Vice President of Policy, Latino Community Foundation

Like all non-profit organizations in the Bay Area, the USS Hornet Museum was closed almost a full year due to the coronavirus lockdown. Just 3 weeks before it was scheduled to fully reopen, a CNN documentary film about the recovery and quarantine of the Apollo 11 astronauts was aired on national TV and video streamed on the web. It generated much public awareness about the Hornet’s key role in this momentous first lunar landing effort. The museum Board of Directors wanted to use this unplanned but amazing PR opportunity as a springboard to bring visitors back to the museum. Having just the 3 week notice, they decided to hire DeAlba Communications to create and execute a Bay Area wide media campaign.

Bob Fish, a long time museum Trustee, reflects on this effort. “Having such short notice for such a huge opportunity, we were very impressed by the ability of De Alba Communications to respond in a quick and professional manner. There is no doubt this 3 week sprint to put together and execute a Bay Area publicity campaign has already had a major impact on our reopening of the museum and restarting our revenue programs. I would never hesitate to re-engage with De Alba on any key media activities we might need in the future.”

Bob Fish

Chief Historian and Author, USS Hornet


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