Multicultural Outreach

Multicultural Homeownership

Project: San Francisco Bay Area – Multicultural Homeownership/ Strategic Markets Program

Client: First American Title Insurance Company

Challenges Defined

The Strategic Markets Program operates in conjunction with The First American Corporation’s broader Strategic Markets Program, a corporate-wide commitment launched in 2003 to increase homeownership opportunity for a larger portion of the population, including segments who have traditionally been under-served by the financial services and housing industries.

When First American Title launched its revolutionary Strategic Markets Program in the San Francisco Bay Area and Orlando FL, the company wanted recognition for this special initiative designed to increase homeownership opportunities for Latino, African-American, Asian-American/Pacific Islanders and newly-immigrated Americans. By providing real estate professionals with the demographic insights, tools, services and resources they need to better serve these traditionally under-served, fast-growing communities.

Results Delivered:

De Alba Communications developed and implemented a strategic media campaign addressing the cultural, language, financial, educational and real estate challenges and barriers, such as complicated loans and paperwork, that arise when members of ethnically diverse communities enter the home buying process. By positioning the program as the first-of-its-kind in the title insurance industry throughout the U.S., First American Title received feature article attention in major local and national dailies, broadcast television, radio, and online mainstream and multicultural media outlets.The Strategic Markets Program continues to fill with real estate professionals eager to better serve the growing ethnic communities…visit Opening Doors to Home-ownership website.