Strategic Communications

Experiential food design

Client:Yunwen Tu (Tutu)


Goal: Yunwen Tu (Tutu) is a Food Designer in San Francisco whose passion is educating the public about experiential food design. In anticipation of the effects of climate change and explosive population growth, she envisions what new forms food might take and then creates interactive educational exhibits about food sustainability. Tutu regularly collaborates with museums, restaurants, food businesses, and academic researchers, with her exhibits shown in the Bay Area and across Europe.

Challenges: One of the main issues with environmentalism of any form is that people can see it as abstract, and neither personal nor enjoyable. Media were also not able to find the hook in Tutu’s story idea. While the “new and future experience of food” is still a fairly foreign concept here in the U.S., food design has taken root in Europe and Asia.

Results Delivered:

When Tutu and two of her colleagues designed an educational exhibition for an environmentally focused restaurant in San Francisco, De Alba Communications was there to get the message out to Bay Area media. The exhibit, called “In the Balance,” was used photo cubes of meats, pasta, vegetables, and fruit, each the same size and representing two ounces of food – but showing weights that varied depending on their carbon footprint.

De Alba Communications successfully secured media interviews that centered on the theme: “There’s beauty, flavor and fun in choosing a more sustainable way to choose and eat food.” Learn more about Tutu and her work.

Successes included: (VIDEO)