Qarbon Presentation Software

Case Study: Media Outreach – Product Launch

Client: Qarbon


Goal: In the late 90’s while at a leading tech PR firm, De Alba developed a strategic media relations campaign to raise awareness of Viewlets that are powerful, easily implemented, animated presentations that enhance the effectiveness of online marketing, employee training and customer support.

Challenges: The company was brand new and wanted to raise awareness of its innovative ViewletBuilder, the Viewlet authoring tool that translates standard text help files into visual “How To” demonstrations.


Reached out to developers to introduce the company as a resource.

Results Delivered:

  • Placed the company’s key messages in top tier industry trade magazines such as Software Business, PC Magazine, Dr. Dobbs Journal, Access, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Examiner, and Oracle’s “Geek of the Week” technology show, Silicon Valley Business, and more. Since then, Viewlets have been readily adopted by some of the world’s finest companies to enhance their online training, marketing and support (such as PC help sites and MP3 sites).
  • Qarbon made it through the dot-com bubble burst and is now part of the new publishing revolution, working to make fast, simple, visually rich information available to anyone, anywhere, on any device.